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So, the other night, at my new job at the Medical Experimentation Lab, I was sweeping the floor in one of the labs. On one counter was a little petrie dish and on the label it said "Gluteus Maximus"

As I walked by, I heard a little voice say: "I hope Obama gets elected President."

I stopped and looked at the Petrie dish because it seemed the voice came from there.

I looked closely.

"Oh, you're a little behind", I said.


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Fiddlehead Cobra

The Fiddlehead Cobra is not native to New Brunswick. It is a very dangerous semi-aquatic snake and looks remarkably like our native fiddleheads when it is ready to strike. Rather than than spreading, the cobra's hood curls up, which apparently allows it to extend it's strike range.

It is not known for sure, but it is assumed that it entered through the Port of Miramichi. Neither the Federal or the Provincial governments have discussed the effects of recent cutbacks on the likelihood of their reduced inspections leading to the rapid spreading of this deadly invader.

The Fiddlehead Cobra has no known natural predators. Exact numbers and the extent of affected areas is not known.