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"a month's worth of snow fell in a few hours."
"About 32 per cent of your annual snowfall occurs after Feb. 22. You have shovelled about two-thirds of it on average, but you still have a third to go."

David Phillips, Environment Canada's senior climatologist.

We got about 48 cm, or just under 20 inches of snow.


Snow. Huh. What is it good for?

from my front window.

the bottom of the door is about 3 feet above ground

They even closed the ski hills!


It snowed again and its snowing still and its going to snow for awhile longer. Standing inside, looking out my front window, the snow is up to belly button level.


So, the other night, at my new job at the Medical Experimentation Lab, I was sweeping the floor in one of the labs. On one counter was a little petrie dish and on the label it said "Gluteus Maximus"

As I walked by, I heard a little voice say: "I hope Obama gets elected President."

I stopped and looked at the Petrie dish because it seemed the voice came from there.

I looked closely.

"Oh, you're a little behind", I said.


I am compelled to confirm that I have, as yet, not formed an opinion on whether or not "Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles is a good song to listen to while walking on a snow and ice covered sidewalk, specifically when the temperature is on the wrong side of -15 C.